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Online Payments

Northpark Homeowners Association now accepts payments online!!
Recurring ACH/Paper Draft Payments (There is no fee for this service):
The Northpark Homeowners Association and the North Park Townhouse Association can now debit your monthly payments from your checking account.
Save time and money by signing up for our new Automated Payment Plan (APP). For your convenience, and with the help of your bank, we can now automatically deduct your payments from your checking account. No more checks to write! No more bills to open. No more stamps to lick. There is no fee for this service.
Automatic recurring payments can be set up on the 1st day or the 15th day of each month.
Simply print out the Authorization Form and scan the completed authorization form and a photo of a voided check to info@northparkhoaclarksville.com. Or you may mail the form with a voided check attached to NPHOA or NPTHA, P.O. Box 20076, Clarksville, TN 37042.
Once the form is received, your HOA payment will be processed on the date and schedule you specify and will appear on your Bank statement. Recurring payments will debit your bank account until you cancel.
Click the link below for the authorization form or visit the Documents page on the website.
New Form as of 20 March 2018.
Pay by Phone (There is a fee for this service):
The Northpark Homeowners Association (NPHOA) accepts credit card and check payments over the phone. Please call the HOA at 931-472-0216 and we will return your call. There is a fee for this service. The fee for phone check is $10.00. The fee for credit card phone payment is $5.00 plus 4% of the payment amount. The fee will be added to your payment total.
Please send us your comments on this service via the contact us link.
Credit Card Payments (There is a fee for this service):
The Northpark Homeowners Association (NPHOA) accepts online credit card and electronic check payments via PayPal. Through the PayPal service, we can accept most major credit cards and electronic checks. Please send us your comments on this service via the contact us link.
You may make a single credit card payment by selecting the One Time Payment Option or you may sign up for recurring credit card payments. Recurring payments will debit your account monthly until you cancel.
Use the process below to submit payment. There will be an a processing fee of $0.30 plus 2.99%, added to your payment for using this service.
If you wish to set up a reoccurring payment without any additional fees processing fee, please consider signing up for the Reoccurring ACH Payments in the section above.
To ensure that the payment is properly credited to your account with the NPHOA, please be sure to enter the street address, for the property in the Northpark community, in the box below. The street address of the property in Northpark is the account number.
If you encounter any problems, please click here to report the problem.
Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy this service.
Note 1: In order to pay via electronic check, you may be required to set up a PayPal Account.

There are no payment options to display.